This page is here for the purposes of historical record. At the present time I would strongly prefer for nobody to use photos to depict me for personal reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Higher-quality originals may be available on request; get in touch with me or with the original photographers.

© Jens Baitinger. Taken on the footpath to the abandoned village of Gruorn near the village of Trailfingen, Münsingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

© Jens Baitinger. Taken on the picnic bench at the entrance to the farm and stables at Read Wood, Lancashire.

© Jens Baitinger. Taken on Motzstraße (near Nollendorfplatz), Berlin.

© Kaitlyn Parkhurst. Taken outside the former Taurus bar at 1 Canal Street, Manchester.

© Aleks Krotoski, CC BY-NC-SA. Taken in the Guardian’s offices at King’s Place, 90 York Way, London.