Contacting Daphne Preston-Kendal

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Daphne Preston-Kendal
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PGP key

I used to have a PGP key under my old name which is still floating about on the key servers. (It did not include the email address listed above.) Unfortunately, even though I used it to send encrypted emails as recently as 2018, I have since both forgotten the passphrase for the secret key and misplaced the revocation certificate (if I ever even generated one). After efforts to use my recollection of what the passphrase was like in order to crack the passphrase, I have come to the conclusion that the secret key was encrypted using a key derivation function which is not supported by any currently-available PGP passphrase cracking tools with reasonable enough performance to expect that the password might be cracked before the heat death of the universe.

At the moment, I do not have a new PGP key, and I will not be able to read any emails you might send me using an older PGP key which may have belonged to me at some time.