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About me

I’m Daphne Preston-Kendal, an undergraduate student in Historical Linguistics, formerly a software developer. I come from the United Kingdom, but I live in Berlin, Germany.

Some things from me that might interest you:

Articles on this web site
A mostly-complete index of things I’ve written here since 2013.
My personal wiki
Where I keep assorted notes on all sorts of things I’ve been thinking about since 2015 (with some gaps).
My GitLab page
My recent hobbyist programming projects, often in the Scheme programming language.
My International Phonetic Alphabet typing tool
My GBP inflation calculator from mediaeval times to the present day
My Old English keyboard for Mac OS
Feed subscriptions
A list of blogs, web comics, and other sites I subscribe to. (Warning: some are NSFW.)

About this page

After many years (going back to about 2010, with a short break) where the ever-changing background of my homepage reflected the season of the year — green for spring, yellow in summer, orange in autumn, and blue in winter — I’ve changed. While the course from spring to autumn looked great and worked fairly well, the turn to winter and back involved going through a lot of very unseasonable shades of purple and turquoise respectively, and though I tried various solutions, none of them really worked very well.

The background now shows a somewhat rough-and-ready live simulation of the sky in my current home city of Berlin, Germany — or at least, what it would look like if the sky here were clear, which it’s not always. There are some improvements I’d like to make, which I’ll doubtless slowly integrate, much as my previous season-based code got gradual improvements over the years as well. If the background is completely white, you found a bug whose cause I haven’t identified yet. It seems to mainly happen at night, so just imagine a completely dark sky.

This typeface is Gentium by Victor Gaultney.