I’m Daphne Preston-Kendal*, a student of Historical Linguistics at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. At the moment I’m also thinking quite a bit about Anglican theology and related topics. In a previous life, I was a software developer.

* If you knew me under another name and are wondering what’s up, see here.

I was born and grew up in the United Kingdom, but I’ve lived in Berlin since 2014. I also lived in San Francisco for three months in 2012, and spent six months living in Sicily in 2017–18.

Here’s some stuff I’m up to lately

In the Fourth Nocturn

My blog about Anglican history, liturgy, and theology, updated about twice a month. ☞

My GitLab Page

Although I’m no longer a professional software developer, I still write little programs from time to time which I post here. ☞

And here’s a thing I used to work on

Green’s Dictionary of Slang Online

I was the sole designer and developer for the online edition of the largest historical dictionary of English slang, before handing the project over to others in 2018. ☞