dpk’s United Kingdom and Ireland Scenario (1900) for OpenTTD

This 1024×1024 map contains the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and some parts of France and Belgium. As a multiplayer game it’s most fun with 4–5 players, where all begin in England. It might also be fun with 7 or 8 players with some playing mainly in Ireland and the rest mainly on Great Britain.

No particular criteria were used to choose which towns to place. Very large towns, well-known towns, and traditional railway towns were placed, but also a few smaller towns in places where there were otherwise unseemly gaps in the map.

Primary industries are realistically placed (i.e. coal mines placed in areas where there are coalfields in real life, types of farms match the real-world distributions of farming types, etc.), and the Scottish highlands and some other areas are deforested. Bauxite takes the place of tin in Cornwall. Of course, this makes no difference once industries start getting founded in-game and you end up with coal mines in East Anglia and arable farms in the Scottish Highlands, but at least to start out, the game is realistic.

Loaded NewGRFs include FIRS, UKRS2, eGRVTS2, av8, FISH 2, and TaI UK Houses. There are also some station sets. You should be able to add and remove vehicle and station sets in the scenario editor without ill effects.

Map screenshots of England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and France and Belgium are available.

Available from BaNaNaS under the name ‘dpk’s UK and Ireland Map (190’ (see Flyspray Bug). Download directly.

Release Log

0.1 (10 Nov. 2015)
Initial release.

Sources Used