Bibliography of Artificial Pronouns

On this page, I collect articles, books, and other media related to artificial pronouns, largely ones created to fill the perceived for a third person singular pronoun in English (and other languages), and to serve the needs of the non-binary transgender community who are ill-served by the standard English singular pronoun set.

Materials are arranged by type: requests published, calling for suggestions of new pronouns; proposals in which someone proposes a set of pronouns; histories which review past efforts to establish artificial pronouns; studies of usage investigating pronouns which have (or haven’t) caught on; real-world usage of one or another pronoun set (in books); related natural pronouns shows some existing pronouns in English which have been put to one of these purposes; and finally, miscellaneous news stories about artificial pronouns which crop up from time to time.

Please send me any material you think ought to be listed on this page; all contributions will be credited.




Studies of Usage


Related Natural Pronouns